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How Brushing Right After Eating Can Damage Your Enamel

Posted on 12/10/2019 by Office - Boone DMD
How Brushing Right After Eating Can Damage Your EnamelBrushing your teeth is the number one thing on the formula to follow if you want to boast of great oral health. Combined with flossing daily and seeing a dentist regularly, brushing your teeth helps keep unwanted bacteria away from your mouth as well as maintain healthy gums and sparkly white teeth.

The recommended average number or brushing your teeth is two. However, it is good to brush your teeth after every meal.

What Happens In The Mouth After Eating?

There are many processes that take place in the mouth after food is ingested. Some are to aid digestion such as the breakdown of carbohydrates, while other times it is the production of saliva to balance the pH of the foods entering the mouth.

However, after eating, particles of food form around the teeth as a result of chewing and grinding. This also means that the acids that they contain are also lodged around the tooth and on the gum. Rinsing your mouth with water can help reduce the amount of food left hanging on your teeth.

How Does Brushing Immediately After Eating Damages The Tooth?

These foods that are left inside your mouth after eating are not beneficial. This is because they are worked on by the bacteria in the mouth to form plaque which brings about gum disease. For this reason, a lot of people resort to brushing immediately after.

When these foods are acidic or when you drink beverages that had anything citric in them, your tooth enamel becomes weak and softer than usual. Brushing your teeth immediately then means that you shall be weakening and eroding your tooth enamel even further.

This habit continued for a while could lead to damage of the entire outer part of the tooth. Schedule an appointment with us today and have a dentist examine the condition of your enamel and learn more about oral health.
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